How to Survive TEETHING // 5 Remedies That Work For Us

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TEETHING. I know I’m not the only parent that hates this stage. Jax is 18 months and we’re right in the thick of this whole teething thing. We just dealt with his first top molars cutting through and now, one of his canines is coming in. DEAR LAWWDDD! We’re all suffering, to say the least. Even though it’s been pretty rough, we’ve been surviving. Thankfully we’ve found a few remedies that have helped soothe little man through his many teething stages. Each child is different but hopefully, they’ll work for you too.

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One of the things I love about living in San Diego is that the weather is always AMAZING (well, almost!) even in December! We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do something fun. Our lovely neighbor gave us a 50% off coupon to the San Diego Safari Park so we thought why not go there? Plus, JJ gets in for free because he is active duty military & Jax is under 3. So we packed up and headed out for some fun at the Safari Park!

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What I’ve Learned in My First Year of Motherhood

When I walked into Jax’s room this morning, I saw him standing there in his crib with a big smile on his face. He said, “Maaaam”, and it really hit me that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. He’s almost 15 months old and is now a toddler. Seriously, where did the time go? I couldn’t help but start thinking about the past year and how crazy this journey into motherhood has been. I absolutely love being a mom but motherhood is no joke! So I started thinking about a few things that I learned throughout this past year. Let me tell you, I’ve learned a lot – good and bad! So here’s a look at what I’ve learned in my first year of motherhood.

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Family Day Out – Fleet Science Center

Balboa Park Power Play San Diego at Fleet Science Center Power Play San Diego at Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center Family Day Out - Fleet Science Center

Hey all! I just wanted to share our little family day out at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park this past Tuesday. The science center offers “Resident Free Days” to San Diego county residents, Active Duty Military & their families, and local college students with valid I.D. on the first Tuesday of every month. With JJ’s leave almost ending, we figured we might as well take advantage of that & check it out. Enjoy!

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A Day at the Park

Mother and Son Mother and Son Father and Son Father and Son


Like I mentioned before, our little family loves to explore San Diego. We love to go out to eat, see the sights, and be tourists in our own (adopted) city. Unfortunately, it does get a bit expensive especially since we’re a single income family at the moment. To save some money, we always try to find fun, family friendly activities that are inexpensive. One of these activities is just spending the day at one of our local parks. Jax absolutely loves going to the park. He can walk around the playground & go on the slides all day if he could! I love it because we get to spend some family time together, we don’t have to spend a dime, and Jax gets in a pretty good nap afterwards. You can’t beat that, right?

What are a few activities that you & your family do that don’t break the bank? Please feel free to share them in the comments!


Family Day Out – North Park

Father and Son Hundred Proof Husband Hammond's Ice Cream


One of the things that we love to do as a family is go out and explore San Diego. We’ve been here for a little over a year but there’s still so much that we have yet to discover. We decided to spend the day out in North Park. I absolutely love this neighborhood because of all the good food spots and cute boutiques. If we ever had a chance to move to a different neighborhood, North Park is definitely on the top of my list!

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What’s in My Diaper Bag? – TODDLER EDITION

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While I was pregnant with Jax, I would always watch those “What’s in My Diaper Bag?” videos on Youtube. I know I’m probably not the only one who did this. They really gave me a good idea of what to pack in my own diaper bag. I’ve always been an over-packer so when Jax was a newborn, our diaper bag was filled to the brim. After a little over a year, I think I’ve mastered the diaper bag packing game. Like I said before, I’m an over-packer so this may be a lot of items to some of you but for us, it’s exactly what we need. So here are our essentials…

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