What I’ve Learned in My First Year of Motherhood

When I walked into Jax’s room this morning, I saw him standing there in his crib with a big smile on his face. He said, “Maaaam”, and it really hit me that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. He’s almost 15 months old and is now a toddler. Seriously, where did the time go? I couldn’t help but start thinking about the past year and how crazy this journey into motherhood has been. I absolutely love being a mom but motherhood is no joke! So I started thinking about a few things that I learned throughout this past year. Let me tell you, I’ve learned a lot – good and bad! So here’s a look at what I’ve learned in my first year of motherhood.

  1. No matter how many classes you take, books, articles, or Pinterest infographics you read, you won’t ever be fully prepared for motherhood.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with getting an epidural. Do not let anybody shame you for that.
  3. The squirt bottle and Dermoplast will be your best friends after giving birth.
  4. You don’t need half the stuff that they tell you to put on your registry.
  5. All that money spent on stretch mark creams was a waste.
  6. You’re going to get a lot of advice – solicited and unsolicited. Just remember, they mean well.
  7. If you didn’t like random people touching your belly when you were pregnant, just wait until you actually have your baby.
  8. Pregnancy/Mom brain is REAL.
  9. One size does not fit all. A Carter’s 3 month size is NOT the same as an H&M 3 month size.
  10. You can totally survive on 2 hours of sleep. Sometimes even less.
  11. You’ll find yourself in a competition with your significant other about who is more tired.
  12. You’re not always going to be able to shower everyday. Body wipes, deodorant, & dry shampoo will be your best friends too.
  13. You will cry over spilled (breast) milk.
  14. You’re going to Google EVERYTHING and most of the time your search will start off with, “Is it normal if my baby…”
  15. That long list of “I will never…” or “My baby will never…” will get shorter, I promise you.
  16. There’s a difference between an “I’m hangry. FEED ME!” cry and a “I have the worst gas. HELP!” cry.
  17. Button snaps are the devil. Especially during a 3am diaper change. Always go for the sleepers with zippers.
  18. Baby wipes can be used to clean up everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
  19. You’re going to learn how to do practically everything with one hand.
  20. You’ll realize that FED IS BEST. Don’t beat yourself up if your breastfeeding journey doesn’t work out the way you planned.
  21. Getting pooped/peed on is inevitable. In fact, it’s a rite of passage.
  22. Nobody knows your child better than you do. Always trust your mom-tuition.
  23. You might cry when he gets his first set of shots. Maybe even his second…or third.
  24. Motherhood isn’t a competition.
  25. Don’t neglect your significant other. Date nights are a lifesaver.
  26. Don’t waste your money on a ton of toys for your child. They’ll be happy with pots, pans, and your dog’s chew toys.
  27. Blame everything on teething. Fussy? Teething. Not sleeping? Teething. It’s always because of teething.
  28. You’re going to appreciate places that have baby changing stations in their bathrooms.
  29. If you’re putting your baby in their carseat and someone honks at you because you’re taking forever, take your sweet ass time.
  30. Planning to leave your house at a certain time? Expect to leave at least 15 minutes later.
  31. Changing a diaper after switching to solids is a whole different ball game. Be warned.
  32. You’re going to need a phone with a lot more storage thanks to the millions of photos you’ll have of your little one.
  33. Once your child is more mobile, you’ll learn that silence is a scary thing.
  34. You’re going to fall in love all over again when you see how great your significant other is with your baby.
  35. Your child won’t want the meal you put in front of them but will want whatever you have even if it’s the same exact thing.
  36. It is OK to not be OK. Get help if you need it.
  37. Always bring a change of clothes because shit happens. Literally.
  38. You’ll find yourself singing, “Baby shark, doo doo ta doo ta doo…” randomly throughout the day. “Johnny, Johnny” and the “Finger Family” song too.
  39. Your child’s laugh will always brighten your mood. Always.
  40. Self-care is not selfishness. It’s self-preservation.
  41. Don’t rush the milestones. It’s OK if your baby is taking a little longer to crawl, walk, talk..etc.
  42. There is no such thing as a perfect mom.
  43. If you weren’t patient before, you will be now.
  44. You won’t really know what unconditional love is until you have a child.
  45. The days are long, but the years are short. Totally cliché but it’s the truth. Cherish these moments because time really does fly.


So what are some things that you’ve learned from motherhood? Let me know in the comments down below!