Less is More – Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

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For the past few months, I’ve been wanting to give a capsule wardrobe a try. What’s a capsule wardrobe? Essentially, it’s a minimalistic wardrobe filled with a few essential pieces that you absolutely love. These pieces all coordinate with each other and can be worn interchangeably to make up different looks. Each season, you can take a few pieces out and add some new ones in. With a capsule wardrobe, you spend less time shopping, deciding what to wear, and getting dressed and gives you more time for more important things in life.

The whole concept intrigued me. Not only was I wasting time thinking about what to wear, but I was tired of looking at my closet and getting overwhelmed by clothes that were hardly worn, not good quality, and were duplicate pieces. I mean, do I really need 6 white v-necks? I realized that I needed to stop spending on items that are the latest trend or on sale. Instead, I needed to start making more intentional, good quality purchases that reflect my own personal style.

After reading Caroline Rector’s Unfancy blog about her capsule experiment, I was inspired. I knew that I needed a major closet purge. I took everything out of my closet & just went through everything that I had. I only kept the pieces that I truly loved and felt were essential and got rid of everything else. At first, it was a little difficult for me to get rid of some things. What if an event comes up where I need to wear that red dress? You know, the one that I only wore once for a wedding? After saying that to myself a couple times, I finally snapped out of it and was just absolutely relentless. After a few hours, I managed to condense my wardrobe down to the bare minimum – 37 pieces not including sleepwear, underwear, and swimsuits. Now here are a few of my very own essentials…

Mich Milla's capsule wardrobe essentials

Denim Jacket – I got my jacket a few years ago from Forever 21. It has surprisingly held up pretty well all these years. I can wear this jacket with almost everything. I couldn’t find the exact one but this one from Target is a great alternative.

Faux Leather Jacket – BLANKNYC Life Changer Moto Jacket – This jacket is EVERYTHING! I picked this up at last year’s Nordstrom sale and have been so in love with it. For the longest, I’ve been searching for a moto jacket that fit well and when I came upon this one, it was love at first try-on.

Jeans – These two pairs in particular are my favorite. I wear the hell out of them! The black pair is in the “Sarah” cut from Articles of Society. They’re perfectly distressed if that makes any sense. The blue pair is Topshop’s Jamie jeans. I love Topshop jeans because they fit sooo well. If you’re vertically challenged like I am, they have petite sizes also!

Black knit sweater – You really can’t go wrong with a knit sweater in the fall. I picked up this sweater last year. It’s the comfiest sweater everrrr! I purchased mine at HM about a year ago. This sweater from HM is pretty similar.

Grey pullover – A pullover is perfect when you just want to lounge around and be comfy. Here’s one from Make + Model that is similar to the one I have.

Black Long Sleeve – It’s the perfect piece to wear on its own or layered when it’s a little colder out. I purchased this black longsleeve from Target a while back. Target makes some pretty good basics. They’re great quality and affordable. I couldn’t find it on the site so here’s one that is pretty close.

White T-shirt – I feel like a white tee is probably one of the most important items to have in a wardrobe because of how versatile it is. I’m not going to lie, before this purge, I had about 5 or 6 of them. I kept this v-neck by Madewell because it’s super soft, comfortable, and has that perfect loose fit that I like.

Striped shirt – There’s just something so classic about a striped shirt. It can be worn with practically anything. The one pictured is from Target. It was from a while back but here’s one from the site that is more recent.

Cami – This particular one that I have is the perfect cream color and it’s not too sheer. It’s a great basic that I can either dress up or dress down. Mine is from Topshop. I couldn’t seem to find it but here’s another option from H&M.

I’m looking at my bare closet and to be honest, I’m both nervous and excited to try this whole capsule wardrobe thing out. What if it isn’t really realistic? What if I end up getting bored with the pieces I have? What if it really doesn’t take less time to get ready? I’ve got a lot of “What if’s?” going on in my head right now. But at the same time, I’m thinking about all the benefits that comes with having a more simplistic closet. I spend less time stressing about what to wear, less time shopping, less clutter in the closet, and less spending. Less is more, right?

Now, what are your thoughts? Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? Any tips? I’d love to know!