Cold + Flu Essentials for Mommy and Toddler

Cold + Flu Essentials Cold + Flu Essentials Cold + Flu Essentials Cold + Flu Essentials Cold + Flu Essentials Cold + Flu Essentials

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The past couple of days have been the absolute worst! Jax and I both came down with a cold and we’re still getting over it. We’re almost back to normal…FINALLY! There’s nothing worse than having a sick toddler and being sick yourself. Seriously, it sucks. With cold and flu season coming, I thought I’d share with you our essentials that have been helping us get through the past few days. Stock up on these essentials so you’ll be ready when a cold or flu strikes.

  • Little Remedies Saline Drops – These drops help loosen any mucus. Add about 2-3 drops to each nostril & use it with the NoseFrida & your little one will be booger free in no time!
  • NoseFrida – When I first used this, I was grossed out but it works wonders! It’s a lot more effective and gentler than those bulb syringes.
  • Boogie Wipes – At first, I didn’t think these were necessary. After trying them out, they are a must have for us. They have saline so it’ll help with any boogers and they’re a lot gentler than using regular baby wipes.
  • Vick’s VapoRub + BabyRub  – My mom always used Vick’s on me when I was sick so naturally, I’m going to use it on Jax. I use the regular VapoRub. For Jax, I use their BabyRub which is non-medicated and gentler than the regular one. It does a great job easing his cough and congestion. Besides his chest and back, I put some on the soles of his feet and then put some socks on. I kid you not, it works!
  • Cool mist humidifier – This is an essential for both myself & little one. It will help get rid of dry air and ease coughing and congestion. I also use one when my allergies are at their worst. We use this one from Vicks.
  • Honey – Another essential for the both of us. We usually get our honey from our local farmer’s market. For Jax, I mix honey with lukewarm water and lemon. For myself, I use it with Chamomile tea and lemon. I’ve heard Chamomile tea is good for children too but I’m holding off until I speak to his pediatrician about it.
  • Fluids – Drink as much fluids as you can! I have a water bottle with me at all times & so does Jax. Whenever he refuses water, I mix a little bit of apple juice with water and it does the job.
  • Naps – When Jax naps, I nap. These past few days, he’s been taking super long naps so I’ve been taking advantage of that. After our naps, I definitely feel like less of a zombie and little more human.
  • Cold medicine – I wish I could say that I use all natural remedies to treat colds but I don’t. All the ones I’ve tried haven’t really worked so my go-to product for colds is Tylenol Cold+Flu. I mainly use the daytime syrup throughout the day and at night because the night time one will knock me out cold. i don’t like to be super groggy just in case Jax wakes up in the middle of the night.
  • Disposable plates, cups & utensils – This one is more for me. The last thing you want to do is wash the dishes when you’re sick. These will definitely come in handy when you’re feeling like death and too lazy to do a load of dishes.
  • Extra lovin’ + snuggles – Jax gets a little more crankier and needy when he’s sick and well, so do I. It doesn’t bother me one bit though. Nothing beats a day of lounging/snuggling with my little man and watching movies on the couch, even if we’re both sick.

It’s definitely hard being sick and feeling like death while having to take care of a sick toddler too. Thanks to these essentials, these past few days have been so much easier! They’ve helped both Jax and I get through this cold. Cold and flu season is right around the corner so hopefully our essentials will help you and your little ones too!