Family Day Out – Fleet Science Center

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Hey all! I just wanted to share our little family day out at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park this past Tuesday. The science center offers “Resident Free Days” to San Diego county residents, Active Duty Military & their families, and local college students with valid I.D. on the first Tuesday of every month. With JJ’s leave almost ending, we figured we might as well take advantage of that & check it out. Enjoy!

The Fleet Science Center has over 100 interactive, kid friendly exhibits that you can check out. It’s geared towards kids but JJ and I had fun with them too. It also offers an area called, “Kid City” for children 5 and under where they can play around. Jax absolutely loved it! The center also has an IMAX theater dome where you can watch movies & planetarium shows. We didn’t get a chance to catch a showing but I’d like to the next time we’re here. There are a ton of things to do there so I thought I’d share a few of our favorites with you.

  1. Game Masters – This exhibit is dedicated to video games. It’s a gamer’s dream! There are over 100 games that you can play, tons of artwork, & takes you behind the scenes of how video games are made. It was definitely packed in there but I’m not surprised. We didn’t really want to wait to play a game so we just walked around & took a look at all the cool art. The exhibit is running through January 15, 2018 so definitely check it out while you can.
  2. Power Play – This is a permanent exhibit that gives you a look into how the San Diego power grid works, where all the energy comes from, and how it’s managed in homes all around San Diego. You get to take charge, try to keep the grid balanced, and try to avoid a blackout. Jax loved playing with all the different colored lights around him. He had no idea what he was doing but he still loved it!
  3. Kid’s City – This was, by far, Jax’s  favorite part of our visit. It was super packed around the time we came (12:00pm-ish) so just a heads up! Little man had a chance to play at their Ball Wall, fire station, grocery store, and their Little Learner’s Lab.

Now a few words of advice to you all that are planning to visit. I’d visit when it’s less crowded. One of the volunteers recommended to come towards later in the day when the field trip groups are headed home. Also, if you’re a germaphobe like me, bring sanitizer with you! With all the interactive exhibits, you never know what kind of germs you’ll come in contact with! Who wants to end up with a sick kid? Not me! When it gets packed, it’s hard to maneuver your stroller around the exhibits. We brought our Uppababy Vista and it was a little difficult for us. We ended up parking it in the stroller parking area on the main floor and carried Jax around. You can bring your baby carrier like other families did or a smaller umbrella stroller if you really need it.

All in all, we had a pretty good time exploring the science center and all of their exhibits. Jax is still a little too young to fully appreciate them but he still had fun being able to get his hands on everything. If you’re a San Diego resident or just in the area, I’d definitely recommended visiting the science center. It’s a fun learning experience for the entire family and it’s affordable!

Right now through the month of October, the San Diego Museum Council has their Kids Free October program going on. This annual program provides kids 12 and under free admission to 43 cultural and science museums in San Diego County. For more information, go to Over 110 attractions in San Diego are participating in Kids Free October so be sure to check out for information about all these great deals!