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While I was pregnant with Jax, I would always watch those “What’s in My Diaper Bag?” videos on Youtube. I know I’m probably not the only one who did this. They really gave me a good idea of what to pack in my own diaper bag. I’ve always been an over-packer so when Jax was a newborn, our diaper bag was filled to the brim. After a little over a year, I think I’ve mastered the diaper bag packing game. Like I said before, I’m an over-packer so this may be a lot of items to some of you but for us, it’s exactly what we need. So here are our essentials…

fawn design diaper bag

fawn design diaper bag

fawn design diaper bag

First, let’s talk about the diaper bag itself. I’m using the Fawn Design diaper bag. I’ve tried a few different diaper bags but this one takes the cake! I love it so much because it’s stylish and functional at the same time. The bag comes in a few colors but if you know me, black was my top choice. It is made of faux leather and comes with such beautiful gold hardware. It has plenty of pockets to keep you organized and is super easy to clean. What I liked the most about the bag is that you can wear it as either a messenger bag or a backpack. It is a little more pricier than some diaper bags but I promise you that it is worth it!

Next, let’s talk about these pouches. These help me keep my diaper bag organized. If I need an item, I don’t have to dig through the entire contents of my bag. I just grab whichever pouch I need and reach inside for whatever I’m looking for. I handmade these pouches with fabric that I bought at my local fabric store. The outside is cotton fabric with a marble print and the inside is lined with waterproof PUL fabric. They’re great because if Jax has any accidents or gets messy, I can just toss his clothes into one of the pouches and use it as a wet/dry bag. They’re machine washable so whenever they do get dirty, I can just throw them in the wash.

diaper bag essentials

toddler essentials - change of clothes

toddler essentials, toddler snacks

Now onto Jax’s essentials. Depending on where we’re going and how long we’ll be out, these items may change. For the most part, these items are what are usually in our diaper bag on the daily.

Diapers and wipes – It definitely wouldn’t be a diaper bag without diapers and wipes! We use the Up&Up brand from Target for Jax. We’ve used quite a few different brands but these work best for him. We don’t have to worry about leaks and it’s affordable. For wipes, we use these from The Honest Company. They’re super gentle so you can use them on your little one’s faces too.

Changing pad – I don’t like the idea of changing Jax on a bare changing station because you never know how often they clean those. What’s even worse is having to change your little one on the bathroom floor so a changing pad is a definitely must have in our diaper bag. I made the one that we use but Skip Hop makes a great one.

Diaper rash cream – We always use Honest Company’s organic healing balm. It’s technically not a diaper rash cream but it works wonders!

Snacks – They are a MUST HAVE when you have a toddler! I keep different a variety for him. There’s also usually snacks for my husband and I because we get hangry too.

Sippy cup – Jax still hasn’t mastered drinking from a regular cup so we use this one from Munchkin. It’s leak proof so I don’t have to worry about any messes.

Extra clothes – We’ve past the blowout stage (THANK GOD!) but Jax always manages to get something on him so I always bring an extra change of clothes. You just never know what’s going to happen especially with a toddler!

Mom essentials, mommy must haves

Next up is my own “mommy pouch” & miscellaneous things that I keep inside the inner pockets. I don’t carry a separate purse so I keep a few of my things in our diaper bag. I used to keep a ton of my stuff in the bag and it ended up being super heavy. I’ve finally managed to streamline my pouch so that I have everything that I really need and not what I think I need. So here’s what I have…

Wallet – I used to just carry a card case with me but I had to upgrade something a little bigger that can fit my cards, gift cards, receipts, and coupons. I got this one from Target.

Beauty products – I always have my Hello Flawless powder with me for any touch-ups during the day. I also keep a few lip products like my go-to lipstick by MAC in Velvet Teddy, my favorite lip balm by Christian Dior, and Too Faced’s Melted Matte liquid lipstick. I also keep some extra lash glue on hand because lashes that are lifting is not a good look! Another thing that I have with me all the time is a facial spray. Right now I’m using Mario Badescu’s Rose facial spray but I also love MAC’s Fix+.

Perfume – I usually carry my Tocca rollerball on me at all times. I wear the scent “Florence”. I’ve gone through 2 of these already because I love the scent so much!

Tide To-Go pen – I like to have this on hand just in case we need to get rid of a stain while we’re out.

Tylenol & Zyrtec – Because headaches and allergies suck.

Hand sanitizer – This is a definitely a must have in any diaper bag. I like this one by the Honest Company.

Portable charger – I hate when my phone dies on me so I always make sure I have this with us at all times. The writing rubbed off on it but I got it at TJ Maxx. The rose gold & the cheap price (under $15, I think?) was what got me.

Sunglasses – I can’t leave the house without my Ray-Bans. I love my gold aviators! The lenses are polarized so I can see clearer and I don’t have to worry about any glare from the sun.

Notebook & pen – I’ve always liked handwriting my notes instead of typing them out. I feel like I can focus more. Does anybody else do this? I try to carry around a small notebook with me just in case I ever come up with ideas for blog posts, content, or anything else.

Sunscreen – We live in California so sunscreen is a must! I use this one by Thinkbaby for Jax. I like it because it doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin like some others do on darker skin tones. It smells great too!

Toys & a book – I usually have a few toys in the car for Jax but for right now, these are the ones we keep in our bag. He’s been obsessed with this book that we got while we were at the San Diego Zoo. You can also get them at other bookstores. It’s one of those touchy-feely books so it helps with his sensory development. Jax also has been super interested in his car toys. We got this one pictured as a birthday gift.

Ok, so there you have it! It might seem a lot but it really isn’t. I promise! So what do you keep in your diaper bag and what are your essentials for both mommy and little one? I’d love to know!

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